Stain and Graffiti Removal

Wild West Surface Systems considers itself not just a power washing company. In addition to pressure washing for visual enhancement, we also assist with health and safety concerns, property preservation and reducing liability. Concrete and other surfaces are cleaned to increase the co-efficient of friction to reduce slip and fall hazards. Dust, dirt, grime and mildew are removed from homes and commercial buildings to improve air quality and reduce air conditioning costs; and toxic battery acid stains are removed and neutralized.

We offer removal and neutralization services for:

Battery acid stains

Battery acid stains caused by vehicles or golf carts contain sulfuric acid that remains active for many years. When a surface gets wet, the acid reactivates and spreads on the surface, increasing carcinogenic, toxic and corrosive conditions. Left unresolved, this rust-colored stain can result in respiratory issues and untimely deterioration of the surface.

Rust stains

Unsightly and when left unchecked, this stain will continue to spread, oxidize the surface it’s formed from and over time become more and more difficult to remove.

Oil stains

A traction hazard, unpleasant to look at and a magnet for dirt and debris; oil become increasingly difficult to remove if left to continue to penetrate concrete or other substrates.

Hard water and mineral stains

Usually dark in color, hard water deposits build up over time, creating an extremely slippery surface and a liability concern.

Efflorescence and Calcium deposits

These deposits are typically whitish in color and are caused by salts and minerals that migrate to the surface of numerous types of hardscapes and tarnish an otherwise visually appealing landscape.

Graffiti removal

Definitely a visual deterrent for your business or home, unabated graffiti often attracts other taggers who also wish to ‘leave their mark’.

Stain and graffiti issues can be challenge for any property owner or manager. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals at Wild West Surface Systems. Our knowledgeable team with the use of commercial equipment and eco-friendly chemicals has developed removal processes that work, without causing damage to surfaces that other methods leave behind.

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